Photography is an integral part of my life. Starting in my early childhood years I have found a sense of importance in this form of art. It's the art of capturing more than an array of colors and beauty. It's the art of capturing an array of emotion within time. As a photographer I am challenged to produce unique and artistic representations of life.

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Every wedding is filled with subtle and overwhelming moments. A documentary approach to photography aims to capture many different aspects of the day from beginning to end, creating a visual story of not only the day's events, but also the array of emotions felt which preserves it in a way that memory alone cannot. As important as the photos, are your unique experiences which are captured quietly and unobtrusively. This 'fly on the wall' approach preserves the moments, atmosphere and emotions of one of the most pivotal days in a couple's life together.

Couples Vermont Fall | The Railyard | Bluegrass in the Afternoon

So much love, excitement, and anticipation leading up to your big day! Every day with your significant other has its own unique, special and unforgettable moments. Engagement photography can be a special way to capture some of the subtle moments that have drawn you closer to each other.

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